About Jodi

My first mecate was made out of heavy white cotton rope, put together after I 
attended my first of many Ray Hunt clinics in 1981.  Mostly a trail rider at that 
time, I liked not having to pack a halter and lead under my horses bridle, and the 
loop rein and lead rope arrangement meant no more dropped reins and 
having a lengthy  lead for non-horse friendly gates and tying.

Then, in 1998, a horsemanship clinician showed me how to braid parachute 
cord mecates in the same cowboy tradition that Ray used.  I quickly came 
to appreciate the balance and "life" that this mecate had over any manufactured 
rope, and gained a whole new appreciation for the mecate setup when I started 
ranch roping and learning how to use a coil in the rein, one handed.  I have 
braided and sold hundreds of mecate products in this tradition ever since.