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We raise hormone free, antibiotic free beef, 100% grass fed beef!

Our Cattle:  

Our beef is about as organic as you can get.  We are hormone free, antibiotic free & 100% grass-fed.   Our cattle are mostly black baldy which is a cross between Black Angus and Hereford.  We have been raising cattle for over 20 years and have worked hard on raising excellent genetics focusing on feed efficiency EPDs.  The beef is raised here on the ranch in the high desert area of Southeastern Idaho. Our facility is very low stress on the animal which really has a positive effect on the tenderness of the meat. We are big believers in treating our critters humanely....and the whole process is very low-stress and painless. 

These yearlings (16-18 months old) never see a feed lot or sales ring....and never even see the butcher shop....as they are humanely processed here at the home ranch....and then transferred to our extended family’s meat shop in a refrigerated truck where they are then aged and cut and wrapped.

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Our Feed:  

Our early Spring feed, from April to June, consists of native desert grass and then in June the cattle are brought to our home ranch and graze on irrigated ground until around September and then they return to the native desert grass until early December.  When the snow flies we feed the cattle an alfalfa/grass hay mix which is organically grown and non-GMO.  The cattle have free choice mineral at all times and only drink from clean well water….Even our desert ponds are fed from deep water wells.

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Fall & Winter

Our Facility:

Our home ranch consists of several acres of irrigated ground, working corrals, barns, bunkhouse and our home.  We are set up for intensive grazing and so we can manage and maximize our grass.  

The cattle are moved every 3 to 4 days which allows for a 12 to 15 day re-growth.  Our pasture grass is a mix of 4 different varieties to accommodate for the different growing seasons.  

The working corrals are all made out of heavy duty pipe and are designed with "easy flow" in mind.   We installed an old refurbished Dempster windmill in 2005 and it is set up to pump stock water using our natural wind resource...which we have a lot of!

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Cow Camp:   

Cow camp is located at the edge our 1,700 acre desert lease.  It has a large corral system with several pens and a hydraulic chute, an automatic water system, a calving barn, vet room and a bunkhouse where we can stay during calving season.  The corrals are well lit for night-time checking and are built on a slight slope allowing for excellent winter runoff.  

This desert ground is only 3.5 miles from our home ranch and is excellent Spring & Fall feed. There are 3 large, well water fed ponds.  The land is cross fenced which allows us to control the grazing. 

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Buying Beef From Us:   

We sell our beef on the “hook”….which means you pay for the carcass weight and absorb the trim amount depending on how it’s cut and wrapped.  An average trim loss is about 25% of the carcass weight.    We sell by the pound based on “hook” weight and we pay for all processing….so no hidden cut and wrap, brand inspection or kill fees. 

 There is a big misunderstanding in the industry today regarding custom beef orders.  There is a difference between “live weight” (before the animal is killed) and “hanging weight” (carcass hung to age) and then “cut and wrapped weight” (boxed packages).  Another factor to understand is our hanging weights are based on “cold weight” ….meaning we let it hang in the cooler for several days before weighing the carcass.   Some operations base their carcass weight on “hot weights”….which is the weight immediately after butchering and is about 5% heavier than the cold weight.

Our cattle are scheduled to be butchered middle to end of July....making delivery to the Pacific Northwest (Spokane, Ellensburg, Seattle / Tacoma)  and San Jose, CA area around the first part of August.  

This year we are doing a standard cut unless you specify otherwise.  You have the option of contacting the meat shop directly for custom cuts and package sizes.  We are using Del Monte Meats this year for our packaging.  Once you place your beef order, we assign you an animal...and then once it's butchered, we contact you with the exact weight and details regarding cut & wrap, delivery and payment.  After the beef ages....it is cut and wrapped and boxed with your name on it and frozen solid.   We then schedule our delivery date....load the boxes of beef into a freezer trailer and deliver to your area....usually meeting at a central area for everyone.

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